fall cleaning...

I've never been a spring cleaning kind of girl. Actually, I've never really been a "cleaning" kind of girl at all... But there's something about the change in the air when fall and winter are coming... It makes me want to open my windows and let the cool breeze in, take all my curtains down so I can see the clouds rolling in, light every single pumpkin scented candle I own all at the same time and snuggle up on the couch with copious amounts of coffee and a good book.

I think the change makes me want to kickstart getting things cleaned up and organized around here so I can relax and enjoy the new season. So far today I've already put away a ton of glass jars that we've been stockpiling for our Halloween party, cleaned out the coffee corner of our kitchen and found a new air freshener for the car. Next I want to get the car organizer filled and ready to go, get all the plants watered [and maybe plant some new ones for our windowsill] and put away some laundry that's been hanging out in my bedroom for ages. 

And now that I've put this out there, looks like I have to do it all! 

love & cupcakes, 

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