easy rider...

Last weekend we were out running some errands and stopped for lunch. The line to order food was insanely long - like wrapping around the entire interior of the shop - so Nick volunteered to wait in line while Scarlett and I wandered around outside for a while. We checked out a nearby bike shop and Scarlett fell in love with all the kids bikes they had on display. I think she test rode all but one of them! There was a little boy there who was super involved in helping Scarlett out with the bikes. He had a ton of "information" about all the different bikes and who could/couldn't ride them [i.e. - the "boy" bikes were only for boys, etc] and spent the entire time we were there glued to Scarlett's side. 

She was better at riding these than she is at riding her tricycle... Maybe we need start with the training wheels soon!

love & cupcakes, 

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