Pizza bliss...

Happy Friday! We made it through another week! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading -- "Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah. I'm enjoying it so far but I definitely have a ways to go. 

Watching -- I finally finished "Under the Dome" and I'm kind of in a TV rut right now... Any suggestions??

Anticipating -- This weekend! I want a weekend of coffee, the couch and movies and not much else. 

Listening To -- I've been playing the local classic rock station most days. I need to look through my CDs and break out some older stuff!

Eating -- Not so much a food, but my coffee consumption has definitely increased lately... And I don't mind at all!

Working On -- Getting the house "fall ready" and opening some windows around here! I want some cool breezes!

Wishing -- For more plants in my house. I think I may need to get my hands dirty next week and plant more little plants around the house... My windowsills need some greenery!

I hope your week has been awesome! Have an amazing weekend! And what are you up to right now??

love & cupcakes,

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