Scarlett tried to convince me that she needed two large bags of M&Ms - one for her and one for her cousin!
Nice try...

I'm feeling a bit blah today... It's supposed to be crazy hot again this weekend but there is a pretty serious breeze kicking up outside right now. Hopefully the weather forecast is wrong because I could really go for a weekend of cuddling up on the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies.... Here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading -- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for book club. I admit, it's taken me quite a few pages [over a hundred!] to start to get into the book, but now it's got me. I'm pretty sure I'll have it done by book club in a few weeks. We also went to the library last weekend and I ended up bring a bunch of books home - now I just have to find the time to read them all!

Watching -- I'm still completely hooked on Under the Dome. I'm almost caught up to what's currently on TV and I'm totally interested...

Anticipating -- Sleeping in tomorrow! I feel like my sleep schedule has been all out of wack lately... Blargh. 

Listening To -- Lots of Nickelodeon kid's show theme songs - Scarlett has recently discovered Ni-Hao Kai-Lan and Bubble Guppies in addition to her favorite - Dora the Explorer! Maybe one day I'll have actual songs stuck in my head again... 

Eating -- Tons of cereal. I could pretty much eat nothing but cereal most days... So yum. 

Working On -- Nick told me the other day that he's been thinking about simplifying his office to the point of just giving it up. I jumped on that and asked if we could maybe turn it into a playroom for Scarlett so I could have my living room back and he said YES! I've been pinning ideas on Pinterest like a mad woman ever since! I'm so excited!! Now we just have to find a loooong weekend to get things done around here! 

Wishing -- For more Halloween inspiration to strike! I feel like I'm already super behind schedule this year and I'm just not motivated yet... I need a good cold weather spell to kick my planning into high gear!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! What are you up to??

love & cupcakes,

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