bad moon rising...

Earlier this week we had one of the most trying, exhausting days we've had in a while. I was overly emotional and completely drained so of course Scarlett was wound up and insanely spunky. 

It was not a good match. 

I posted these pictures on Facebook that evening with the caption - 
"I wish that these adorable pictures meant that we've been having a fun, happy day. Not so much."

One of my friends commented that at least I had these photos to commemorate the moments that didn't suck during that awful day and that at least we had those few moments. I had to take a minute and really think about that. Sometimes life can get so messy and "in the way" that we forget to stop and remember that there are so many more wonderful moments that happen that we may be taking for granted by just dwelling on the bad days... It seems like it's so much easier to have a "bad day" than it is to have a "good day" - it takes so many more good things to turn a day around and only one or two bad things to completely screw it up. I've decided that I need to focus more on all the little wonderful moments that are so fleeting and forget about those annoying bad moments that take my days away. 

What wonderful moment happened to you today?

love & cupcakes, 

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