a snack in the life of scarlett

For as long as I can remember, the sound of eating or drinking makes me want to scream - even if I'm the one making the noise! Turns out it's a legit disorder but it still totally sucks. I don't like to get insanely angry at someone for merely drinking some water or - god forbid - eating some cereal [that's the WORST!]. But unfortunately, I get crazy irritated and have to literally bite my tongue to keep from snapping at them. 

There is one exception however. 

Scarlett seems to be able to eat or drink anything and make a TON of noise while doing it - and she always does - and it doesn't make me mental! Thank goodness since this is what my day tends to look like [in between washing dishes and running after Scarlett, that is] - 

Fingers crossed that as she grows up I still think she's adorable while she's eating...

love & cupcakes, 

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