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love & cupcakes, 

the days are long but the years are short...

Sometimes I need to remember that. Especially on super long days where it seems that nothing is going my way. Days when Scarlett thinks pulling every single toy out of the toy boxes and throwing them all over the place is more fun than actually playing with any of them. Or when it seems like no matter how many dishes I wash or meals I make, no one notices. Or when all I'd like to be able to do is go to the bathroom with the door closed for once. 

But even though the days are loooooong, the years really are so short. 

I can't believe that in a few short months Scarlett will be three years old. It seems like only yesterday we found out we would be having a baby and our lives completely changed forever. And now she can carry on conversations, form her own opinions on things, put on her own clothes [more or less]. I'm just in awe of the little girl she's becoming. Every day is different. 

And every day is wonderful, even if it is incredibly long. 

love & cupcakes,


what's the opposite of a green thumb?

Because I'm pretty sure that's what I have... 

Or at least, I used to. I was queen of killing plants. Although, in the last few years, it seems as though my thumb is going more gray or beige instead of full on black. I've even managed to keep some of the plants from my old desk at work alive well into my stay at home mommy years! Amazing! Although, now that I've said that, I'm sure they're all going to wither and die soon. 


But I did just plant some seeds the other day. Some basil and mint - each in their own little jar on my kitchen windowsill. Hopefully they'll sprout and keep living long enough to lighten up my gray/beige thumbs a bit more...

Any tips for keeping kitchen plants alive?? 

love & cupcakes, 


oh, the halloween aisle...

The Halloween aisle at any given store is automatically Scarlett's favorite at this time of year... It takes forever to get through it - she has to touch everything and try all the different masks on over and over again. 

She really liked this creepy monkey one... 

She is definitely her father's daughter!

love & cupcakes, 



Pizza bliss...

Happy Friday! We made it through another week! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading -- "Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah. I'm enjoying it so far but I definitely have a ways to go. 

Watching -- I finally finished "Under the Dome" and I'm kind of in a TV rut right now... Any suggestions??

Anticipating -- This weekend! I want a weekend of coffee, the couch and movies and not much else. 

Listening To -- I've been playing the local classic rock station most days. I need to look through my CDs and break out some older stuff!

Eating -- Not so much a food, but my coffee consumption has definitely increased lately... And I don't mind at all!

Working On -- Getting the house "fall ready" and opening some windows around here! I want some cool breezes!

Wishing -- For more plants in my house. I think I may need to get my hands dirty next week and plant more little plants around the house... My windowsills need some greenery!

I hope your week has been awesome! Have an amazing weekend! And what are you up to right now??

love & cupcakes,

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fall cleaning...

I've never been a spring cleaning kind of girl. Actually, I've never really been a "cleaning" kind of girl at all... But there's something about the change in the air when fall and winter are coming... It makes me want to open my windows and let the cool breeze in, take all my curtains down so I can see the clouds rolling in, light every single pumpkin scented candle I own all at the same time and snuggle up on the couch with copious amounts of coffee and a good book.

I think the change makes me want to kickstart getting things cleaned up and organized around here so I can relax and enjoy the new season. So far today I've already put away a ton of glass jars that we've been stockpiling for our Halloween party, cleaned out the coffee corner of our kitchen and found a new air freshener for the car. Next I want to get the car organizer filled and ready to go, get all the plants watered [and maybe plant some new ones for our windowsill] and put away some laundry that's been hanging out in my bedroom for ages. 

And now that I've put this out there, looks like I have to do it all! 

love & cupcakes, 

happy donut day!

Scarlett and I had to make a quick run to the store today and of course she wanted a donut - specifically, a chocolate one with rainbow sprinkles. 

Since she wasn't a complete terror in the store, she got her wish...

She doesn't know it yet, but she's also getting a bath!

love & cupcakes, 


"the BLUE park!"

My mother in law was gracious enough to let us borrow her car for the winter season so now Scarlett and I can venture out farther than we can generally walk. So today I asked her if she wanted to go to the park and of course she wanted to. Once we were in the car and ready to roll I asked her which park we should go to. She replied "The blue park!"

I have no idea which park is "the blue park" and I'm pretty sure she made it up in her head as the most amazing park ever. 

When I asked her what the blue park has, she told me there are swings and slides and water and water slides... Pretty much her dream park. And since I'm pretty sure that "the blue park" doesn't actually exist, I wasn't too surprised when she changed her mind and asked for the local water park instead.

I'm going to have to start carrying around a "water park bag" with towels and fresh clothes... This kid was drenched in no time flat!

But she had a blast and when we came home, it didn't even take thirty minutes for her to knock out for nap time. 

We may have to make this a regular routine!

love & cupcakes, 


today is the day!

It's finally here!! 
The first day of fall!!! 
I'm so happy, I could cry...

I'm off to have a pumpkin pie mocha now! 
Happy Autumn!!!

love & cupcakes [and falling leaves!],


bad moon rising...

Earlier this week we had one of the most trying, exhausting days we've had in a while. I was overly emotional and completely drained so of course Scarlett was wound up and insanely spunky. 

It was not a good match. 

I posted these pictures on Facebook that evening with the caption - 
"I wish that these adorable pictures meant that we've been having a fun, happy day. Not so much."

One of my friends commented that at least I had these photos to commemorate the moments that didn't suck during that awful day and that at least we had those few moments. I had to take a minute and really think about that. Sometimes life can get so messy and "in the way" that we forget to stop and remember that there are so many more wonderful moments that happen that we may be taking for granted by just dwelling on the bad days... It seems like it's so much easier to have a "bad day" than it is to have a "good day" - it takes so many more good things to turn a day around and only one or two bad things to completely screw it up. I've decided that I need to focus more on all the little wonderful moments that are so fleeting and forget about those annoying bad moments that take my days away. 

What wonderful moment happened to you today?

love & cupcakes, 



Scarlett loves her chips! 

Happy Friday! I feel like this week has been a loooooong one... The full moon early in the week didn't help much. Insanity ensued. Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading -- A Child Called It: One Child's Courage to Survive by Dave Pelzer . This book is horrifying. I truly hope that it's not an actual memoir. I know there was some controversy about the book a while ago and I hope the author made it up. Because if not... Just horrifying. 

Watching -- We officially have TV now - we've never had it in all the years Nick and I have been living on our own. We can't be trusted with television. We need to be able to turn it off at any time and come back to it later. We can't do that with TV. So of course, I haven't watched anything of quality for the past week since there's a ton of crappy reality TV available to me now. Blargh. Although we did watch The Muppets
 last night as a family and it was pretty cute. 

Anticipating -- We have book club tonight and I totally need a few hours of grown up time. Scarlett has been running me ragged this week. Plus, Nick is going to come tonight, too! He listened to our monthly book during his commute so he can contribute to our meeting. Yay! 

Listening To -- I just updated to iOS 7 and I've been playing with iTunes Radio like crazy! So many songs to listen to! 

Eating -- I've been on a serious cereal kick lately. I could pretty much eat it for every meal of the day...

Working On -- Playroom progress. It's slow going for sure, but as I type this, Scarlett is playing right next to me [yelling for me to pretend to be Dora the Explorer] so it's coming along...

Wishing -- For some Halloween motivation! I have costumes to make and a party to plan, but I have no desire to do any of that. Blargh. I need some rainy days to get me in the mood!

Happy almost-weekend! What have you been up to lately?

love & cupcakes,

These posts are inspired by Danielle's weekly "Currently" posts. Check them out!


easy rider...

Last weekend we were out running some errands and stopped for lunch. The line to order food was insanely long - like wrapping around the entire interior of the shop - so Nick volunteered to wait in line while Scarlett and I wandered around outside for a while. We checked out a nearby bike shop and Scarlett fell in love with all the kids bikes they had on display. I think she test rode all but one of them! There was a little boy there who was super involved in helping Scarlett out with the bikes. He had a ton of "information" about all the different bikes and who could/couldn't ride them [i.e. - the "boy" bikes were only for boys, etc] and spent the entire time we were there glued to Scarlett's side. 

She was better at riding these than she is at riding her tricycle... Maybe we need start with the training wheels soon!

love & cupcakes, 


textures of mile 334

I officially have less than thirty miles left in my 365 miles in 2013 walking challenge. I can't believe that I'm almost at my goal! It seems like it went really fast... 

love & cupcakes,