10k recap!

Last weekend my mom and I walked our very first 10k! We had respectable times of 1:46:59 and 1:47:06 - not too shabby considering we took our fair share of water and bathroom breaks! 


In the home stretch just outside the finish line, I looked up and saw Nick and Scarlett cheering us on! It was the sweetest thing - I started tearing up right there! I had to put my sunglasses back on so no one would see me blubbering as I neared the finish! 

As I passed them, Scarlett ran over and decided to finish the race with me! That little girl can haul! She made me run to keep up with her! And when we crossed the finish line and they called my name, they mentioned that I had a little helper. Scarlett had the best time! I did, too...

And we even got medals at the end! And ice cream!!! Woo hoo!

Please excuse my insane face - I didn't know Nick was going to take the picture as I made it... Ugh. 

Scarlett was so proud of my mom, too! She keeps asking if we can go to "Ma's race" again! 

I can't wait for our next one...

love & cupcakes [and sore shins!],

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