real life...

Scarlett is sick today, the vacuum has been sitting unused for a few days, my sink is full of dirty dishes and I just want to take a long nap...

This is real life. 

Not every day is full of cute pictures of Scarlett. Not every day has a clever video or website to brighten the day. Not every day has lovely weather and fun parks. 

Some days suck. Some days are full of coughing and crying and cleaning up messes. Some days don't have enough coffee to get me through another night of little sleep. 

And I just have to remember that these are some days - not all days. Tomorrow may be bright and happy again. I just have to get there. This weekend may be full of fun. I just have to get there. Next week may be nothing but smiles and laughter. I just have to get there. 

And I just have to get through today.

love & cupcakes,

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