Last weekend, Nick got me disco ball at a garage sale! I'm so excited to hang it up!

Reading -- I'm finishing up Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel by Jeanette Walls and I really like it so far! We have book club tonight so I have to make sure I'm done! 

Watching -- I'm making my way through The Secret Circle on Netflix - totally cheesy, but I'm into it. 

Anticipating -- My very first 10k is in just two weeks! Gah!! I totally don't feel ready - even though I usually walk almost a 10k once a week. I think it's just the fact that other people will be there, too that has me freaked out a bit. But my mom and some friends will be there as well, so hopefully we'll all rock it!

Listening To -- I finally got the new [old?] Rilo Kiley album and have been listening to it like crazy!

Eating -- Nick got me to download the My Fitness Pal app so now I'm tracking calories. I hate it - once I'm held accountable for how many calories I'm eating, it makes me want to rebel like crazy and just scarf everything in sight! Maybe as time goes on my rebellious streak will go away... Hopefully!

Working On -- Knocking out my 365 miles in 2013 walking challenge! I'm doing great so far - over 250 miles already! That puts me ahead of schedule!

Wishing -- For more cool days - we had a few crisp moments, but not enough for my taste... Come on Fall!

love & cupcakes,

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