The grapes in our backyard are really starting to come in! 

Reading -- I'm still making my way through Wicked Jealous - although my stack of unread magazines is growing taller and taller everyday! I need to hurry up and get on it!

Watching -- They added Mulan to Netflix's instant queue and Scarlett can't seem to get enough! She loves it!

Anticipating -- Nick is home for the long weekend so I'm really looking forward to some serious family time!  We have swimming today and San Francisco time tomorrow! 

Listening To -- I finally bought Currents by Eisley so I can't wait for that to arrive. Hopefully it gets into my Amazon cloud player soon!!

Eating -- This holiday weekend has already been so full of junk food... I need to get our menu planning back on track for next week!

Working On -- Slowly but surely, I'll get through the massive pile of laundry covering my bedroom floor. Eventually...

Wishing -- For more long weekends! It's always more fun when Dada is around!

I hope your Fourth of July yesterday was amazing! 

love & cupcakes,

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