Fro-Yo dates with this little lady are one of my favorite things... 

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend was amazing and not too hot... Here's what I've been up to lately.

Reading -- Wicked Jealous: A Love Story by Robin Palmer. I'm liking it so far - it's a kind of modern re-telling of Snow White, but set in Southern California. 

Watching -- I just borrowed Water for Elephants from the library and was able to watch it while Scarlett napped the other day. I liked it, although the scenes where the animals are being mistreated were pretty tough to stomach. I've had the book forever and still haven't made time to read it. Now I'll have to since I already know how the movie ended! 

Anticipating -- Scarlett and I are heading to Great America later this week with Nick's mom and sister. It's a pretty big outing for me to take without Nick there to be my right-hand man. Wish me luck that Scarlett has fun and doesn't get too "terrible two-ish" while we're there!

Listening To -- I finally picked up She & Him - Volume 3 and I'm loving it so far! 

Eating -- We finally finished eating the huge sourdough crab we got from Fisherman's Wharf last weekend for Father's Day! So goooood!

Working On -- I just realized that my blog planner ends at the end of this month! I picked up a new one and I'm super excited to start filling it in with blog post ideas! I need to get crafty! 

Wishing -- For the end of summer... At least since we're already in summer, we're that much closer to the END of summer! The countdown is on!

What have you been up to lately???

love & cupcakes, 

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