Scarlett's first big vacation to Seattle in 2011!

This week has felt a bit crazy! I'm so glad it's almost over and family weekend time can begin! Here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading -- I'm still working on Made in the U.S.A.and I'm really liking it so far. I'm a bit over halfway done and I'm getting into the groove. It has some tough subject matter and I was having a hard time reading through it but it looks like [hopefully!] things are brightening up. 

Watching -- I'm so happy that Pretty Little Liars season three is on Netflix finally! I'm totally hooked...

Anticipating -- MOYLAN'S! We're headed to the brewery tomorrow and Nick and I are totally stoked! We can't wait to have some amazing beer!

Listening To -- Not too much lately - although there are a bunch of albums that came out recently that I need to get ASAP!

Eating -- Stupid brownies.... But they're just so darn good!

Working On -- Getting back into the blogging groove - taking over a week off really knocks my momentum off.

Wishing -- For our pool to magically set itself up... I hate all the prep that goes in to getting our pool ready for fun! Oh well. It'll be totally worth it when we can cool off in the water!

What are you up to currently??

love & cupcakes, 

These posts are inspired by Danielle's weekly "Currently" posts. Check them out!

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