a road trip to the surface of the sun...

We didn't make it to Moylan's this past weekend, but we did take a trip to Murphys and had some amazing wine instead. The only catch was that it was about a million degrees there! 

Ugh! We do not do well with hot weather! Add that with some wine tasting and good lord, we're in for some trouble!

We had such a fun time though! We had some super yummy wine - and we ended up bringing three bottles of white home! And we're totally red wine people! But they were so good.... 

We had lunch and dinner at this little place called "Firewood" and I loved it! The food was super delicious and the prices were amazing! And Scarlett loved to run up and down the stairs to the upstairs seating area. Such a cute little place. They even stayed open late for us on Saturday night when every other place was already closed. So nice! 

Sunday morning we went for coffee at this teeny tiny little bakery called Aria - our coffees were super good but the apricot danish was amazing! I'm not even a danish fan and I kept stealing it away from Nick! Yum!

Scarlett got a little pink cookie and she was in heaven!

Even on the car rides Scarlett was a super trooper. And now she asks for headphones and a movie every time we get in the car! Looks like we know what our next vehicle will need...

I can't wait to go back - preferably when it's a lot cooler outside!

love & cupcakes,

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