Weekend Recap [or How My Weekend Turned Out Completely Differently Than Planned]

I never made it to the ocean this weekend. 
Nor did I get to see the new Star Trek movie. 
There were no Red Vines and popcorn, no ocean breezes and sandy strolls. 
My weekend turned out completely differently than I had planned it. 

And it was amazing.

Nick was able to get us tickets for BFD on Sunday. And not just any tickets - ALL ACCESS ARTIST BADGES!!! We were able to stand on the wings backstage to watch STP and Of Monsters and Men perform, we sat in the VIP bar and had a beer, we snagged a water from Jimmy Eat World's table outside their trailer - I even used the bands' porta-potty! We had such a great time. And I totally forgot how much I liked 30 Seconds to Mars! Their set was awesome and we didn't even get to stay for all of it! 

Our view from backstage.

Of Monsters and Men - both onstage and blocking our view backstage. 

STP with Chester from Linkin Park - I was pretty impressed! 

30 Seconds to Mars were fantastic!! I loved their set! 

I'm so glad we were able to see the end of Jimmy Eat World's set - Parking was a nightmare so we skipped the lot and walked over a mile to get to the show. Totally worth it! 

Nick, enjoying the perks of an all access pass - water!

Yep, that's Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World behind Nick. I just couldn't bring myself to nerd out and ask for a picture with him. So I just snuck one in over Nick's shoulder. 

Nick and the one and only Mr. Steve Masters! This guy is amazing.

Nerds in the seventh row!

Oh, hello Jared Leto. 

Nick even got a few minutes of 30 Seconds to Mars on film. They were so good. 

I forgot how much fun going to a show with Nick can be. It's been quite a while! We need to do this more often. Especially if there are backstage passes involved!

Until next time... ♥

love & cupcakes, 

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