in the fountain...

Last weekend, Nick spent the entire morning clearing weeds and dry grass from the backyard in the hot sun. When he was done, he suggested that we take Scarlett to the local splash park in town to cool off. So we loaded Scarlett in her bathing suit into the car, grabbed some sunblock and made our way the few blocks across town to the splash park. When we got there, the entire water area was fenced off and closed. No sign, no explanation - nothing! 

So, annoyed, we packed up again and set off for the community pool in town. When we got there, it was closed, too! And no sign saying when it would be open for the season or anything. So annoying! 

So, off we went to drive a half hour away to the nearest mall. They have a little water fountain play area in front that kids can play in when it gets hot and we had taken Scarlett there just a few days before to play. When we rolled up, got out of the car and walked across the blazing hot parking lot to get to the play area, do you want to guess what we found??? A closed off area surrounded by caution tape! Blargh!!!

By this point, Nick was so annoyed that he decided Scarlett was going to play in some water no matter where it was. We ended up between BJ's Brewhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings where there was a fountain in the courtyard. And he and Scarlett immediately put their feet in - not caring at all that there were a ton of people waiting for a table all around us. Scarlett ended up swimming in the little fountain and completely having a blast!

After she was done in the fountain, we loaded back up into the car and headed for the next town over to see if their splash park was open. It was and there were a million kids playing, too. Scarlett had a blast. It more than made up for the fact we had spent half of the day searching for water to play in! 

love & cupcakes, 

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