Scarlett has the greatest hair! 

Last week was pretty hectic and it didn't feel like we spent much time at home. I have mountains of laundry to finish and stuff that needs to be picked up from all over the house, but it's kind of nice to just be at home, back on our normal routine. Well, at least until later this week when things start getting busy again! 

Here's what I'm up to lately...

Reading -- I'm still slowly making my way through John Belushi Is Dead. It's quite a bit more macabre and dark than I'd originally thought. Not the kind of thing I can read while I'm eating breakfast... But it's still pretty interesting and I'm sure I'll finish it in time for book club. 

Watching -- I just finished Whisker Wars on Netflix. I loved it! I love dudes in beards.

Anticipating -- I'm excited for Mother's Day! I hope I get to see the ocean - even if we just drive by it. 

Listening To -- A whole lot of  Dora the Explorer episodes. Scarlett just discovered her and loves to watch!

Eating -- Nick made some amazing nachos the other day! We definitely need to make those more often!

Working On -- We're starting to go through some of our stuff [since we have a lot of stuff] and get rid of some things. It would be nice to pare down a bit and actually use what we have instead of being overwhelmed by everything. We have towels that I've never even used simply because we never get to them in the rotation! Too much stuff. Time to simplify. 

Wishing -- For more family time. I feel like we need more [don't we always?!]. Even if we're just hanging out  at the park, as long as we're together, that's where I want to be. 

What are you up to currently???

love & cupcakes, 

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