one year and counting...

Today is April 9th. It's been one year since my first day as an official stay at home mom. 

I thought my house would be much cleaner by now.
I thought I would be an amazing cook by now.
I thought I would be in much better shape by now.
I thought I would have perfected the look of a classic 50s housewife/mother by now.

Not so much. 

But, I can say that I'm getting this stay at home thing down a bit. Scarlett and I have a [loose] routine that we kind of stick to. We leave a lot of wiggle room for things like trashing the living room with all of her toys and spending the morning at a park after our walk. You know, the important stuff.

I've learned to cook a wider variety of meals for dinner - not just reheated frozen food, either. I've learned to decipher a ton of what Scarlett says in her toddler gibberish. I've walked over 188 miles since October of 2012. I've made and ignored countless housework schedules and just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. 

Scarlett and I have been to parks and coffee shops, libraries and Targets. We've walked, run, hopped and crawled all over the place. We've survived house-guests and weekends without Nick. We've had tantrums and cuddle-fests. Long naps and no naps at all. Movie marathons and dance parties. Smooches and hugs. 

All in all it seems like a pretty good way to spend a year. 

love & cupcakes, 

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