An "Ale-Storm" is Brewing...

Photo by Destin

Last weekend Nick and I had our joint birthday party - a beer tasting contest!  Everyone brought a six-pack of a beer that they themselves had never tried and we all tasted them and gave each a score. Mine won! Well, technically, Nick and I aren't allowed to win the beer contest, so Megan took home the trophy! And she didn't even bring beer - she brought hard cider! But it was sooo good!

She also took home one of our three copies of Spaceballs. 
But not for winning the beer contest. She just wanted to borrow it. 

We had a blast. Everyone drank a bunch of really yummy beer, ate a ton of sweets and Nick's famous SWAG Sauce meatballs and seemed to have a great time. 

We should do this every year...

love & cupcakes, 

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