Our Day of Love...

We had such a nice Valentine's Day this year! 

We started the day with presents - Nick got me a Taffyta Muttonfudge race car! I love it! 

Scarlett and I came out to the Bay with Nick and spent the day hanging out while Nick worked.  We had chicken nuggets and cake pops and refused to take a nap. It was a blast. 

She finally fell asleep for a bit on the way to pick up Nick - thank goodness!

Nick brought me flowers! So sweet!

Scarlett went to have some Grandpa time so Nick and I could go to the movies. We got to have an actual date night! Yay! We saw Warm Bodies - it was really cute! I totally enjoyed it. 

Then we went to a local bar and grill and had some amazing drinks for happy hour. I got a pear bellini and Nick had a basil gimlet - so yummy!!!

After our happy hour we hit the drive-thru and got Taco Bell for dinner - the perfect end to a lovely night! 

I hope your Valentine's Day was amazing! 

love & cupcakes, 

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