This little peanut is getting so big!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! Here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading -- Right now I'm reading a couple books. Mostly "Everneath" by Brodi Ashton. I'm liking it so far, but in all honesty, I haven't been giving it enough attention. I need to find a good book to present at our next book club meeting and I'm super nervous about picking a good one that hasn't already been read by everyone. The thought of presenting is giving me butterflies in my stomach! 

Watching -- I can't believe that the series finale of 30 Rock was last night! I haven't been able to watch it yet [we watch it on Hulu so it isn't available until the next day] so hopefully I won't see or hear any spoilers! I should just stay offline until we can watch it, huh?

Anticipating -- We're in my favorite month now! And my calendar is already filling up - I have craft days scheduled, friend dates, book club meetings and even MY BIRTHDAY! I love February!

Listening To -- I clicked on the Amazon MP3 app on my phone the other day [it came with the phone] and I found out that all of the CDs that we've bought from Amazon are available to be played through my phone! I'm so excited! I don't get to listen to my CDs very often in the car or at home since Scarlett is very opinionated and always wants to listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack over and over and over and over... Now I can listen to my stuff on my phone! Woo hoo! 

Eating -- I've been in a baking mood again recently - which isn't so great for our waistlines! But brownies are soooo good... Especially still warm from the oven! 

Working On -- Sloooooowly getting the house back in order from Christmas. The tree just came down last weekend! But little by little I'm getting my library and dining room back!

Wishing -- I wish Scarlett would go back to taking regular naps again. She's been all over the place with them lately - taking long ones, not taking one at all, taking them before lunch, taking them after 4pm! I have no way of knowing if or when she's going to knock out! It makes doing stuff a bit difficult. Hopefully it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it - soon!

What are you currently up to??

love & cupcakes, 

These posts are inspired by Danielle's weekly "Currently" posts. Check them out!

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