goals for 2013

I'm usually pretty terrible at keeping "resolutions" so I figured that if I just called them "goals" that might take some of the pressure off... Smart, huh??? And now that I'm making them public, hopefully I'll have a better chance of sticking to them [at least for a little while longer]. 

* Walk 365 miles by the end of the year

I was really inspired by the Mile a Day challenge over on Instagram but being able to get out and walk/run a mile every day during December with a toddler is quite an ordeal. The weather out here is usually below freezing for the better part of the morning so getting bundled up and out the door proved a bit difficult on more than one occasion. Add in the rain and the whipping wind and you've got a recipe for disaster. I thought that if I adapted the Mile a Day idea into a whole year of getting out there, I could make up for inclement weather during the milder months of the year and still meet my goal. I've already gone 7.8 miles so far this year [I know, I need to make up some days] but I'm getting there... Slowly but surely. 

* Stick to a housekeeping schedule
I find myself doing dishes and laundry ALL OF THE TIME and still, my house seems to be in a constant state of disarray. But no more. I've made up a regular housekeeping schedule for each day of the week and I think I can realistically stick to it. Plus, since everything is planned out ahead of time, it leaves me wiggle room if I feel like doing extra laundry to free up another day, etc. 

* Meal plan each week
We've already been doing this pretty regularly, but I wanted to make sure that we stuck with it and didn't just let it go once the new year was behind us. It makes my afternoons/evenings so much easier when I know ahead of time what to make for dinner. The stress of trying to think up what to make plus worrying about whether or not Nick would even be in the mood to eat it was making me crazy. Life is just a little bit easier now. Plus, grocery shopping has stopped being such a free-for-all! Woo hoo!

* Be more active and healthy
This kind of ties in with my #365milesin2013 goal and the meal planning goal. I want to spend more time being active with my family and doing outdoor activities on the weekends instead of just vegging out on the couch, watching Hulu and Netflix [although I'm not giving that up completely!].

* Save money
Duh. The American Dream - to have a nice nest egg and not worry so much each month when bill paying time is upon us. 

* Get the house "company ready" and maintain it.
Hopefully with my housekeeping schedule this will be easy to achieve. I don't want to have my stomach drop each time the doorbell rings because my house is always such a mess that I don't want anyone to stop by. 

* Get at least one more tattoo.
I've been itching for more ink since we got our last tattoos - in March of 2010! I think I'm due for another one by now...

* Have regular weekly date nights
This one has been a bit tough to do in recent months. Living over an hour away from our families and friends has made sneaking away for a few hours without the little one in tow pretty tough. Hopefully, we can come up with some creative home date nights this year. 

* Make blogging a JOB - Do it on a regular schedule with quality content. 
I admit that I've been lax with this blog lately. I need to set aside dedicated hours each week to make sure that I'm able to give this little on-line space the attention it deserves. 

* Work on something crafty at least once a week. 

I've already started this one by finally breaking into my Sublime Stitching stash of patterns and starting to work on some embroidery. It's been quite a while!

* Read 25 books. 
I'm already on number three! 

So you have any goals for 2013?

love & cupcakes, 
elissa ♥

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