I love finding old pictures of Scarlett buried on our hard drive!

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately... But we're going to be okay. 
I have faith.

Here's what I'm up to currently - 

Reading -- "Enclave" by Ann Aguirre. I'm really liking it so far. And I just joined a book club! I'm so excited! 

Watching -- I'm so glad they added a bunch of Disney movies to Netflix! Even though we already own most of them, it's easier for me to just bring them up on Netflix instead of trying to track down the DVDs. Scarlett and I watched Dumbo together the other day - I cry so much during that movie! My sobbing even freaked Scarlett out a bit! It just gets me everytime... 

Anticipating -- My sister's birthday! It's on Christmas Eve and I can't wait to give her her present! I bought it early this year and it's been sitting under my tree ever since, just burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak. 

Listening To -- The Casting Crowns station on Pandora. I miss my days of singing in the praise team at church. 

Eating -- Why does Trader Joe's have to have such delicious holiday treats?!?!?! So much yum!!!

Working On -- Getting the rest of our Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree. They're making me crazy just sitting in a big box in the middle of the house. Gah!

Wishing -- Right now I'm wishing for an end to our stress and a bright sky to work towards. I know both of those things are on the horizon - I just need to remind myself that we're getting there. 

What are you up to currently???

love & cupcakes, 

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