be thankful...

Today is Thanksgiving and I wanted to take a moment to think of some things I'm thankful for - no matter how big or how small. I know a lot of people have been doing this daily all month, but I'm pretty terrible at committing to daily postings. =]

Here they are - in no particular order:

* Scarlett Grace 
* My amazing husband
* Family & Friends
* Coffee
* Rainy days
* Drinking straws
* Cheesy music
* Books!
* Candy-kins the Cat
* Crazy adorable nieces
* Disneyland
* Stars
* Long walks
* Craft supplies
* Sleeping in
* Staying up late
* DVD marathons
* Love
* Chocolate
* Butterflies [just as long as they're not touching me!]
* Winter
* Cupcakes
* Daisies
* Singing
*You guys!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
Have a super amazing day!

love & cupcakes, 

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