getting out there...

Scarlett likes to wear Mama's shoes... 

This morning, Scarlett and I joined the neighbors for a brisk 4.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. My legs are now officially jello, but we had a great [sweaty!] time. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house more often now that the weather isn't so oppressively hot. We even had a smidge of rain earlier today - I loved it! 

We turn into major home-hermits during the summer. It's no fun to walk around or go to the park when it's easily over a hundred degrees out there. And we're definitely not fans of warm weather anyway, so it's always especially yucky. It'll be nice to get into the routine of walking around regularly so heading downtown to grab a coffee won't be such an event - right now it seems to take me forever and I'm always such a disaster by the time I get there that the owner of the coffee shop tells me to plant myself next to the fan and take a break! Lovely! =/

I think 4.5 miles may have been a bit ambitious for my first foray into walking with the neighbors but at least I have until Monday to get my muscles back to normal and give it another go. 

Wish me luck!

love & cupcakes, 

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