I can hardly believe that Scarlett was this tiny only a year ago...

Here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading - I'm almost finished with The Night Circus. Less than a hundred pages to go. I feel kind of bad, like I didn't give it enough of a chance - I liked it but then, a few days ago, a book that I've been waiting for finally came out so now I feel like I've been reading as fast as I can just so I can get to the next book. I still enjoyed The Night Circus, but I'm pretty sure that I'll have to come back and read it again later to really fully appreciate it. Do you ever do that? Blow through a book so you can get to the next one?

Watching - Still stuck on The Vampire Diaries on Netflilx. Only about five episodes left of season three! 

Anticipating - Well, it looks like our Disneyland anniversary trip may be off for this year but we're looking into going for Halloween next year when Scarlett can really enjoy the trick-or-treating in the park... 

Listening To - Disney movies in the background all the time... Scarlett is in love with her movies and likes to have them on as background noise. Even when she's busy destroying the house while playing, she needs to be able to hear Winnie the Pooh or Aladdin at all times. Luckily, I'm a Disney fan, too. 

Eating - Brownies! I made some cookie-topped brownies for a family dinner last week and although they were good, they just got me in the mood for some of my chewy dark-chocolate fudge brownies so I made a nice big batch yesterday. There's just something about a yummy brownie that makes everything seem okay...

Working On - My Halloween costume is all but done and we got Scarlett's last week so now all we need are some finishing touches and we're good to go! Well, Scarlett and I will be good to go - Nick is slacking off and still has a ton of work to do on his costume. Maybe I can talk him into hitting up Spirit and the craft store this weekend... =]

Wishing - That this cooler weather will stick around a bit! Last weekend was horribly hot and although it's cooled down a bit, it looks like it'll creep back up a bit by the end of next week. 
Come on fall! You can do it! 

I hope your week has been amazing! What are you up to currently???

love & cupcakes, 

These posts are inspired by Danielle's weekly "Currently" posts. Check them out!

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