freaking summer....

I'm sitting here typing this as I sweat my face off... Our air conditioner decided to crap out on us the other day. 


The only thing that makes summer bearable for me is 


I figured since I'm dying here with all this heat, I should at least look at lovely things that make me happy and keep my mind off of the sweat droplets forming all over me. 

This necklace is amazing!!! I need it!

I adore this little shelf! I have so many little knick-knacks that need a cute home like this...

This bathroom is perfect! I'm really wanting to simplify our master bath. Maybe a chalkboard wall would help me do that... 

This floating mug is rad. 

Halloween is coming!!! Time to get started on costume brainstorming!

Hope your day is much cooler than mine... 

love & cupcakes & sweat drops,

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