Reading --  Lots of magazines. I stopped at Barnes & Noble the other day and splurged on the current issue of Mollie Makes, as well as a stack of the usual ones I read each month. I can't wait to settle in with a cup of coffee and just devour them. 

Watching -- I started watching Charmed on Netflix the other day. I completely forgot how 90s it is! I love it!I totally want to cut my hair short like Alyssa Milano's was in the beginning of the series....

Anticipating -- September. All the back-to-school stuff is out in full force and I love it, but once it becomes September, even though it's still usually dreadfully hot around here, summer is officially on its way out! Woo hoo! We're almost there!!!

Listening to -- The Sucre and Best Coast stations on Pandora.

Eating -- Too much junk food and snacks... I need to get back on track!

Working on -- Getting the backyard fixed up. It's time. 

Wishing -- That Nick didn't have to be gone so much. Living in the boonies and working in the Bay sucks sometimes... 

What are you up to???

love & cupcakes, 

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