camping KOA style!

Last weekend we all went camping!

We drove for hours and hours and hours to get to Manchester Beach out in Mendocino County on the ocean. The drive sucked but once we got there, the fun began!

Once we'd all settled in around the fire and got the kids involved in a movie, we were in full-on relax mode. 

And then a freaking tree fell right in the middle of our campsite. 

It's tough to tell from the dark, blurry and smoky pictures, but a huge branch full of smaller branches just came crashing down right next to Scarlett's crib! Thankfully no one was hurt, but it was way too close for comfort. Scarlett's little teepee was a casualty of the tree though - it smashed down on top of it and bent one of the plastic poles that hold it upright. It can still be used but it looks a little wonky now. 

After the tree fell and the staff came to check it out, they had to haul in a cherry picker so someone could completely remove the branch so it wouldn't fall anymore. That was quite an event. 

Folks came from all over the campsite to ask what in the world was going on [most of this happened after 9pm] and to watch the cutting. We ended up with some free sweatshirts for the girls, some free bike rentals and ice cream coupons, firewood and a few bottles of wine that were very much needed after the excitement of the tree wore off and I realized how close we had come to having a tree land on our kids. I kind of lost it there for a few minutes, but the girls were fine and barely even noticed that a tree had fallen right next to them. They were too interested in the movie!

Once we finally got the littles to bed, we crashed out.

The next day was happily uneventful. We'd had enough excitement for the weekend the night before! We spent the day avoiding campfire smoke, getting our feet completely filthy in flip flops, riding silly bikes, swimming and just relaxing...

We stopped on the way home to check out a church yard sale in a teeny tiny town along the coast but I didn't even get out of the car since Scarlett was completely knocked out napping. Nick checked it out but said it was all "old people stuff" so he didn't get anything. But he did take a few pictures for me - so sweet. 

I can't wait for our next trip - my sister is already planning one for later this summer! Woo hoo!

love & cupcakes, 

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