etched glass diy

I've been stockpiling old pasta sauce bottles for a while now in the hopes of using them for Christmas gifts but I think I may just snag them all for my office instead!

I etched a super simple design onto a bottle the other day and I really like it. I'm going to do a bunch more and use them to store craft supplies and randomness...

To make your own frosted bottle, just follow the steps below.

Supplies needed
clean, dry glass bottle
etching cream [I use Armour Etch]
masking or painters tape

Step 1 – Decide what kind of design you want to etch and tape off all areas of the bottle that you don't want frosted. I chose to do a simple striped design so I just put three strips of tape around my bottle. Make sure to press all the air bubbles out of the tape and secure all the edges or else your etching cream may seep through and change your design.

Step 2 – Glob some etching cream onto the areas you want frosted. Take care not to get any on the areas you don't want frosted! And this stuff can and will drip down the sides, so be aware of that, too!

Step 3 – Wait as long as you can stand for the cream to do its work. I waited about 45 minutes to an hour for my bottle – I can get pretty impatient!

Step 4 – Once you've let the cream do its stuff, simply wash the bottle in warm soapy water, throw out the tape, dry and voila! You've got yourself a one-of-a-kind etched glass bottle!

I'm off to make a million more of these bad boys! 
Hopefully now I can get my office in better shape!

love & cupcakes,

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