Ruffle booties at Ma & Pa's house

Happy Friday the 13th to you! Hopefully you're up to something fun and not at all unlucky... Here's what I'm up to currently.

Reading -- "Sweet Valley Confidential" by Francine Pascal. I was a huge Sweet Valley fan back in the day - I still have a bunch of books on my shelves to someday pass on to Scarlett. My favorite Sweet Valley books are the Sweet Valley Saga series - it tells the history of some of the families from the Sweet Valley series. 

Watching -- Weeds : Season 6. We're playing catch up.

Anticipating -- Santa Cruz!!! We're heading out there this weekend for a family wedding. So excited!

Listening to -- A whole lot of Disney movies playing in the background of my life. Scarlett has recently discovered that there are in fact other princesses besides her beloved Tiana - Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel being her absolute favorites. We usually end up having at least three of the movies on during the day whether they get watched or not.

Eating -- Home-mixed ice cream! It's not technically homemade since I just use pre-made ice cream from the store and mix in a bunch of delicious goodness but who cares! I've made my favorite ice creams ever lately!!! [DIY to be posted next week!]

Working on -- Figuring out some Christmas projects to start working on. I would really like to give everyone hand-made gifts this year but I need to get going already!

Wishing -- That this Godforsaken heat would give us a break! The highs this week have all been over a hundred degrees! I haven't been outside in days! =/

Hot, Hot, Hot (Radio Edit) by Buster Poindexter on Grooveshark

What are you up to currently???

love & cupcakes, 

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