Here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading -- "The Frenzy" by Francesca Lia Block. She's my very favorite author - the way she describes things and makes you feel like you live in a magical world even if it's not always pretty just takes my breath away. She's so inspiring. 

Watching -- Lots of Netflix. We were internet-less for about a week there so we were really missing our Netflix. But we're playing catch up now for sure!

Anticipating -- Visiting Nick's new office! His company recently moved to a new building and he says that it's super awesome. 

Listening To -- Lots of Fleetwood Mac. When I was little, my mom used to play a ton of Stevie Nicks -- we went to see her in concert when I was just barely in high school! I loved her a kid - I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year in elementary school so hearing her sing really takes me back.

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac on Grooveshark

Eating -- Enchiladas! I recently took it upon myself to try to make a batch of homemade enchiladas and we freaking loved them! Now we need to work them into our normal meal rotation more often!

Working On -- Gathering up yard sale items for the sale we're going to have later this month. We really need to simplify around here. 

Wishing -- It would rain. I so miss cozy, lazy days listening to the rain coming down while we watch movies and eat popcorn on the couch....

What are you up to currently?

love & cupcakes, 

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