the plaid barn giveaway!

I adore The Plaid Barn - getting an email each day full of little goodies is always great. But being able to purchase the goodies at crazy low prices - that's amazing!

And even more amazing, to celebrate their first six months, they're giving away a 
White Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 7S Camera including 5 Twin Packs of MINI INSTAX Film! 
Woo hoo!

Be sure to click here and enter to win! 

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blogging blahs...

As you may or may not have noticed, I took a few days off from ye ole blog. 
I've been pretty uninspired lately - I just feel like I need a creative jump start or something. I've read my usual daily blog reads, checked out Pinterest and went through my craft room/office - all to no avail. Summertime seems to contribute to my slump. I just don't feel like doing anything. Blah.

Here's to finding inspiration. Fingers crossed!

Wide Awake by Katy Perry on Grooveshark

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We're prepping this week for an upcoming camping trip! I haven't been camping in so long - and by "camping" I mean sleeping in a tent while staying at a place with a hot tub, heated pool, arcade, laundry room, fun bike rentals and a general store. Nick insists that we're not really camping. Whatever - we're sleeping in a tent on an air mattress - it's camping darn it!

I'm going to make a ton of muffins and unfrosted cupcakes and brownies and corn bread to bring for everyone to snack on. And we're probably going to load the little teepee up and bring it, too as a little playroom for the girls. The weather is supposed to be super mild - like low 60s the whole weekend - I'm so happy!!!! 

love & cupcakes & s'mores,


all the small things...

I can't even believe how much Scarlett has grown up recently... 
It's almost like my little baby is gone and this adorable little girl has taken her place. 

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this week via instagram...

It's been a full week! 
Hope your Sunday is going amazingly!

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i love this...

These necklaces from Sea of Bees are gorgeous!!!

I used to love this show when I was growing up and this video cracked me up when I saw it!

And how precious are these salt and pepper shakers from 11 Eureka??? Adorable!

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Kiddie pool fun...

I'm currently - 

Reading -- "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green. I'm beyond into John Green's writing now. I read "The Fault in Our Stars" a week or two ago and ever since, I've been devouring his other books. 

Watching -- The clouds roll in.... I wish we had more clouds in the summertime but the wind in the valley moves them out pretty quickly. 

Anticipating -- Batman today! Woo hoo!!!

Listening to -- No Doubt's new single. I'm so excited they're coming out with a new album! 

Eating -- Hand-mixed ice cream! Smashed up sugar cones have never tasted so good!

Working on -- Getting crafty. I found an awesome stick out on one of our walks the other day so I'm thinking of what I can use it for. 

Wishing -- For autumn. These clouds have me feeling like it should be October already. I can't wait for cold weather!!!

What are you up to currently???

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santa cruz wedding weekend

Last weekend we headed down to Santa Cruz for Nick's cousin's wedding. 
We had such a great time! 
The weather was gorgeous and Scarlett got to dance her little heart out!

I can't wait to go back!

love & cupcakes, 


"road" ice cream diy

Rocky road has always been my favorite flavor of ice cream -- however, I'm not a big fan of the nutty bits. If they had rocky road without nuts, I'd be in heaven. So I got to thinking, why don't they? Why don't they make rocky road without the nuts?!? Why don't I make rocky road without the nuts?!?!?!?

So I did. 

I grabbed my trusty tub of chocolate ice cream, a bag of miniature marshmallows, my stand mixer with the paddle attachment and went to work!

First, dump out all of the ice cream into the bowl attachment of the stand mixer. It's best to let the tub sit for a few minutes so it slides out easily. Don't let it melt all the way though - just let it soften up a bit. 

Once the ice cream is in the bowl, add as many or as few marshmallows as you'd like. I love these little things so I went for two-thirds of a bag.

Then, get to mixing! 

I set my mixer on "stir" and let it go for about 30 seconds or so. You just want to incorporate all of the marshmallows into the ice cream - but you don't want to let it turn into a melted mess of runny ice cream with a pile of 'mallows in the middle. Just watch it stir and turn it off when everything looks good and coated. 

Once it's mixed, dump the mixture back into the empty ice cream tub and put it back in the freezer for a while. I let mine sit overnight and the next day, it was perfect!

I'd managed to take out all of the nutty bits and create my dream ice cream - 
No more "rocks" for this lady!

I'm looking forward to creating my own mixed up ice cream creations all summer!


love & cupcakes, 

*Edit: I made another batch and added 
mini-marshmallows, chopped up truffle bits 
and a crushed up sugar cone. 
Holy smokes! New favorite!!!!*


all the small things...

Getting to spend the weekend with my little 
[and big] family and then coming home 
and getting to listen to Nick play the guitar... 


love & cupcakes, 


this week via instagram...

We just got home from a 
whirlwind wedding weekend in Santa Cruz! 
Such a great time! 
Hope your weekend was equally amazing!

love & cupcakes,