it's the little things...

Tuesdays are my "day off" -- Scarlett goes to daycare all day in the bay so I get a day to myself to relax/catch up on household stuff. Usually I end up wasting most of the morning watching trash TV so come afternoon I'm in a full on cleaning frenzy. 

You'd think that my favorite part of the day would be [occasionally] sleeping in, or being able to read for uninterrupted lengths of time, or being able to play whatever music I want as loudly as I want to [not that there's anything wrong with the children's indie station on Pandora, but still]. 

But nope. 

My favorite thing about Tuesdays is that I get to use the bathroom in peace

I can actually close the door all the way if I want to. 

You totally take for granted the little things that go away once you become a parent. 
Like closing the door to the bathroom or being able to take a shower whenever you want/need to. Like being able to eat some ice cream after dinner if you'd like to without the begging from littles for bite after bite. Or wearing clean clothes all day -- Scarlett likes to come and grab onto me as soon as she's finished eating something like ripe strawberries or cheese puffs. 

Makes me mental. 

But it's on Tuesdays especially that I think of all those other little things that I hope to never take for granted that came along only after I became a parent. 

Like sleepy faced good mornings or dances to "The Princess and the Frog" and "Rio."
Or chasing bubbles in the backyard. 
Or learning new words every day. 
Or even little faces and hands smeared with strawberries or cheese puffs. 

love & cupcakes, 

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