bravo farms

Whenever we make the long drive back up north from Disneyland, we try to make sure we stop at Bravo Farms along Highway 99 for some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cheese! 
Seriously -- we buy a ton of gouda, white cheddar, chipotle cheddar, cheese curd and dried fruit every time! We spent more money there than we did on dinner at Disneyland! So goooooood!

I snapped a few phone pictures when we were there the other day -- Scarlett was able to run around and check out all the weird things they have all over the place at the farm. They have goats and birds to feed, tons of antiques all over the back porch, a shooting gallery with a farting truck [no joke!] and tons of stuff for Scarlett to get in to. 

If you ever find yourself driving along Highway 99 -- make sure to stop and 
grab some cheese curd! Seriously amazing stuff!!!

love & cupcakes, 

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