pinching pennies....

We're new to the whole "one income family" thing. We've only been down to one income for less than two months now and I have to admit -- it's a lot tougher to get used to than I figured it would be. Granted, I knew that there was going to be a lot less coming in each month than we were used to, but even with Scarlett and I staying home, we still needed a ton of stuff. We're going through food and cleaning supplies like crazy and on those rare days that we drive in to the Bay with Nick, we end up losing our mind at Target and buying way more randomness than we've budgeted for. 

[ My "cupcake fund" that 
never gets spent on fun stuff...]

I admit that it's been hard for me to adjust to not feeling like I can just buy whatever I wanted [within reason]. Going to work each day and bringing home a regular paycheck really made me feel like I was entitled to spend money on things that I wanted -- even if it was frivolous. But now it's getting tougher to make it between Nick's paychecks and we've only got ourselves to blame. 
Overindulgence -- it can be a bad thing. 

[My first piggy bank!]

So here I publicly make my pledge -- SPEND LESS ON RANDOMNESS! Be conscious of what I'm buying. Plan ahead for big purchases and trips. DON'T LOSE MY MIND AT IKEA!!! In fact, I should just stay away from IKEA as often as possible. I need to focus more on getting crafty with all of the supplies that I have stockpiled in my office. Maybe even put some actual items in my dusty Etsy shop! Then I can sock that money away for a frivolous day and not feel guilty about it. 

[See the hole drilled into the piggy's belly? My dad had to screw my piggy closed so I wouldn't open it and take out all my money all the time when I was little. I've been a big spender since the beginning I guess!]

How do you guys mange your money? Does everyone lose their minds at IKEA like I do???

love & cupcakes, 
elissa ♥

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