can't stop playing this song...

Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman on Grooveshark

Over and over again...

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desk chaos!

Since my computer in my office upstairs is broken/doesn't have a monitor, I've been forced to use the one in Nick's office if I need to do something online that I can't manage on my phone [blog, play on Pinterest, organize my email, etc]. But it's beyond depressing in here... It's completely a man-cave. There are scary toys all over the place, Magic cards and random cables and junk everywhere

I can't wait to get my own space back up and functional again! 

love & cupcakes, 


memorial day weekend...

We had a little barbecue at our house on Sunday afternoon -- it was fun, but someone [Nick!] managed to drink up all the margaritas so the evening turned into nap-time pretty quickly. But we had fun anyway!

On Monday we took Scarlett back to the splash park across town so she could play in the water. It took her  a while to warm up to the idea of actually letting the water touch her -- she seemed to be more interested in climbing up on the benches that surround the sprinklers! 

I hope everyone had a super amazing Memorial Day weekend! 

love & cupcakes, 


personal stuff...

I've decided to start journaling again. 

I feel like it's super junior high of me [and believe me, reading back through those old entries of mine is completely mortifying!] but I need to start documenting the day to day around here. All of the little but still amazing things that Scarlett learns to do each day, how I'm dealing with being home all the time after working since I was 17, plans, dreams, hopes, yadda yadda yadda... 

I have an INSANE amount of composition books and blank notebooks all stockpiled around the house -- they're just so pretty and pristine than actually writing in them feels dirty somehow. 
[These are all blank composition books -- and these aren't even half of them!] 

But it needs to be done -- I'm becoming one of those hoarders who has piles and piles of stuff that they don't need. Besides, how cool would it be to have a huge written history for Scarlett to read once we're gone? 
It may even rekindle my long lost love of writing -- something my mom encourages almost every time I see her [Hi Mom!].

So here's to scribbled on pages, doodles in margins and diving in head first. 

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett's new dress...

I tried my hand at making Scarlett a little summer dress the other day. Super basic -- all I had to do was stitch the sides together and add some straps. But I made it all in an hour or so. I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. Not so much of my stitching or handiwork, but just proud that I set out to make something crafty and I actually finished it! 

It's pretty big on Scarlett. I'm going to give it to her cousin Isabelle for now. All Scarlett keeps trying to do is pull the straps apart anyway. Isabelle knows how to appreciate a dress. 

I'm already working on the next dress! 

love & cupcakes, 


more water baby fun...

I just can't get enough of pictures of Scarlett playing at the splash park. 
She had such a good time!

Look at that belly! And those chunka munka legs! 
I just want to squeeze her!

love & cupcakes, 


it's a jungle out there...

We seriously need to get our backyard in shape. We're having a Memorial Day BBQ this weekend and I kind of thought it would inspire us to get back there and get things going, but nope. It's still a bit of a disaster. 

Maybe we'll just BBQ on the front porch. 

Super classy. 

At least Scarlett isn't too bothered by the desolate state of things. 

love & cupcakes, 


pinching pennies....

We're new to the whole "one income family" thing. We've only been down to one income for less than two months now and I have to admit -- it's a lot tougher to get used to than I figured it would be. Granted, I knew that there was going to be a lot less coming in each month than we were used to, but even with Scarlett and I staying home, we still needed a ton of stuff. We're going through food and cleaning supplies like crazy and on those rare days that we drive in to the Bay with Nick, we end up losing our mind at Target and buying way more randomness than we've budgeted for. 

[ My "cupcake fund" that 
never gets spent on fun stuff...]

I admit that it's been hard for me to adjust to not feeling like I can just buy whatever I wanted [within reason]. Going to work each day and bringing home a regular paycheck really made me feel like I was entitled to spend money on things that I wanted -- even if it was frivolous. But now it's getting tougher to make it between Nick's paychecks and we've only got ourselves to blame. 
Overindulgence -- it can be a bad thing. 

[My first piggy bank!]

So here I publicly make my pledge -- SPEND LESS ON RANDOMNESS! Be conscious of what I'm buying. Plan ahead for big purchases and trips. DON'T LOSE MY MIND AT IKEA!!! In fact, I should just stay away from IKEA as often as possible. I need to focus more on getting crafty with all of the supplies that I have stockpiled in my office. Maybe even put some actual items in my dusty Etsy shop! Then I can sock that money away for a frivolous day and not feel guilty about it. 

[See the hole drilled into the piggy's belly? My dad had to screw my piggy closed so I wouldn't open it and take out all my money all the time when I was little. I've been a big spender since the beginning I guess!]

How do you guys mange your money? Does everyone lose their minds at IKEA like I do???

love & cupcakes, 
elissa ♥



Some days it's tough being a stay at home mom... 
But everyday it's worth it.

love & cupcakes, 


water baby...

We hit up the splash park in town last weekend and Scarlett had a blast! We're definitely going to have to make it a regular summertime activity.

love & cupcakes, 



Scarlett and I took a little 4+ mile walk today to Starbucks and back...

Once we got there, she decided that she wasn't having it and threw a fit [this picture was from just before she started to lose it]. So much for a little air-conditioned downtime while we had our lunch. Back out into the heat we went. =/

I'm probably going to be crazy sunburned tomorrow. Oh well. 

Happy Wednesday!

love & cupcakes, 


park afternoons...

Scarlett loves to go to the park.... 
She just runs around and around all afternoon. 

love & cupcakes, 


poor baby...

This past week has been tough! Scarlett developed a fever last Monday night that stuck around off and on until Thursday. She was miserable. She even threw up a few times! 

Needless to say, I didn't get my usual Tuesday off to get the house in order/relax. We spent the entire night Monday night awake with Scarlett trying to keep her comfortable and feeling okay. We were exhausted by Tuesday morning. Poor Nick had even bought us tickets to see Dragonforce that night and there was no way we could go. Oh well. Such is life as parents I guess...

Luckily by Thursday midday she was feeling much like her old self again.. She was getting such cabin fever from being stuck inside all week!

Thank goodness! No one likes a sick baby!

And I can have my usual day off tomorrow! I'm so looking forward to it! I didn't realize how much I actually NEED them.... Just missing that one day threw the rest of my week completely off! I can't decide if I'm going to use it to get the house back in order or just luxuriate on the couch and watch movies all day.... ?
Maybe a bit of both!

Happy Monday everyone!

love & cupcakes, 


My mom is so awesome that she needed to have her own Mother's Day post....
Words that describe my mom --

number one 
out of sight 
out of this world

I love you Mom!

love & cupcakes,