white out...

We went to Tahoe last weekend to visit Nick's sister Kelsey and ended up on the scariest road trip of our lives! 
It snowed sooooo much as we drove [crept!] over the mountain that there were moments that I seriously considered just pulling over and waiting it out. It was beyond scary. 

But once we arrived over the mountain, all was good [also, the fact that our first stop after arriving was Cabo Wabo probably helped a bit, too] and we had a blast. 

Scarlett's first step into the snow... She face-planted. 

But she recovered right away and off she went!

We made so many tracks all through the fresh powder...

Nick put snow on Scarlett's head...

Which she didn't quite understand...

So Nick helped her to put some on his, too. ♥

My snow angels. 

love & cupcakes, 

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