so wasteful...

Disclaimer - 
I'm highly embarrassed about this post, but I can't help but put it out there. 
Now I can't let us fall back into our old ways.... 

One of the first things that I wanted to do around the house once I became a stay at home mom was clean out our food pantry in the kitchen. It had become a catch-all for everything and it was so crowded that the food we had couldn't even be gotten to so we ended up just buying replacement food for things we already had. Not a pretty picture. So today, I decided to get down a dirty with the pantry and start clearing stuff out. 

Dear Lord. 

I've had to throw out at least six or seven garbage bags of food [thankfully none of it moldy or "bad" - just old and stale] and I'm not even halfway done. I'm just taking a quick break and I honestly am amazed at how much stuff we had crammed in there. 

I mean, seriously?!?!? Fifteen boxed of cereal??? It's like I'm at Jerry Seinfeld's house! Insane!

Thankfully, now I'll be able to actually see what we have to eat already in the house and hopefully use it to make meals that are better than just hitting up the drive-thru. 

I feel so darn wasteful though. 

And the random food items that we had in there - wow. Just wow. 

It's looking much better in there already though. 

So much space to add some yummy, good stuff! 

Wish me luck as I attempt to finish - I don't know how much more our garbage bin can handle!

love & cupcakes, 

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