getting my hands dirty...

I have a black thumb. 

Like a MAJOR black thumb. I can kill any plant - almost without trying at all. That being said, I can't deal with the barren/wild landscape that we have going on in the front and back yards right now. They're either covered in weeds and craziness or just dirt and rock. Not much in between.

We've decided that getting the backyard in shape is going to be our first big project now that I'm home to do things like water the lawn and watch for weeds and all that. So today I went out and planted some daisies to get the ball rolling. 

I forgot how sensitive my poor skin is so now I'm covered in red splotches and my arms and hands are all itchy. But I managed to get all five daisy plants in the ground. Hooray! 

Now, if only they could stay alive long enough to take root... Fingers crossed!

Here's to dinner and drinks in the backyard sooner rather than later! 

love & cupcakes, 

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