it's official....

I've given my notice and as of April 6, 2012 - I'll be a stay at home mom! 

love & cupcakes,


baby beethoven...

Be still my heart... ♥

love & cupcakes, 

birthday date night...

Nick and I were able to catch a movie on my birthday - We even made a little date-night out of it! We grabbed a burger and saw "Wanderlust" - freaking hilarious!!!!

We even took some cheesy pictures in the lobby afterward...

Nick is such a nerd....

love & cupcakes, 


our day out...

My little family and I had a day out for my birthday! 
We had a nice little lunch, some ice cream, Kara's Cupcakes and a bit of shopping....

Check out our finds!
Nesting doll measuring cups!
Yummy cupcakes!
A nerdy book from my love....
Scarlett didn't even need ice cream! The cone itself was perfect for her!
My birthday haul...
Partying it up at lunch!
My sweeties! 

love & cupcakes,