mommy time...

Once a week Nick and Scarlett take off for some daddy daughter bonding time and give me an hour or so alone in the house to do whatever I want... It's heaven. 

I never thought I would need some "alone time" but once Scarlett got a bit more mobile and we ended up spending the better portion of our day chasing her down and taking things out of her mouth, I found out that if I didn't get a little break every once in a while, I'm not good for anyone. 

The only thing is, once I'm left alone, all I can do is think of all the things that need to get done around the house. My list of things to do seems endless and I end up either vacuuming the whole time or hiding up in my room, reading a book [such a nice break!]. Today, I gave in to the vacuuming bug and got the living room decent, but then I decided that I needed a little "me" time so I broke down and played on the computer. I need to learn to give myself permission to "do nothing" once in a while so I can actually get things done without overwhelming myself other times. 

Maybe I should make it a rule that when I have my alone time that I needs to leave the house so I can avoid thinking about the dirty dishes/laundry pile/dusty shelves and just BE.

How do you guys deal with ignoring your to-do lists on occasion? 

love & cupcakes, 

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