a celebration...

We partied it up for my big day on Saturday night - 
and we even made it all the way to midnight to see my actual birthday begin! 
Years of getting up at 5am have made it near impossible for us to even see 11pm! 

Blogging under the influence!

Opening yet another bottle!

Mmmmmm.... Strawberries! 

Birthday balloon!

The ghosts of bottles past.... 

We had Nick's famous barbecue sauce crock pot meatballs and fresh picked strawberries and veggies with ranch dip - and TONS of champagne! 

Such a good time! ♥

love & cupcakes, 


happy birthday to me!

I am officially 32 years old as of this very moment. 

Holy cannoli...!

We went out last night for dinner and ice cream So yum!!!!!!

Birthday carnage!
My adorable dad made me cupcakes! What a cutie!

Any words of advice for this year? What am I in for???

love & cupcakes, 



Each morning I get an email from "The Universe" and lately they've been eerily spot on....


Today's email - 

When just starting out on a new journey, Elissa, it's only natural to feel vulnerable. After all, it may seem that you have much to lose. But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in your journey, will you have so much to gain as you will if you start today? 

I'll take that as a "Yes." 

    The Universe
There are biiiiig changes on the horizon for me and I'm a little scared of what the future may bring. 

But it seems as though The Universe is on my side, so I'm going to start those baby steps towards my future. 

love & cupcakes, 


mommy time...

Once a week Nick and Scarlett take off for some daddy daughter bonding time and give me an hour or so alone in the house to do whatever I want... It's heaven. 

I never thought I would need some "alone time" but once Scarlett got a bit more mobile and we ended up spending the better portion of our day chasing her down and taking things out of her mouth, I found out that if I didn't get a little break every once in a while, I'm not good for anyone. 

The only thing is, once I'm left alone, all I can do is think of all the things that need to get done around the house. My list of things to do seems endless and I end up either vacuuming the whole time or hiding up in my room, reading a book [such a nice break!]. Today, I gave in to the vacuuming bug and got the living room decent, but then I decided that I needed a little "me" time so I broke down and played on the computer. I need to learn to give myself permission to "do nothing" once in a while so I can actually get things done without overwhelming myself other times. 

Maybe I should make it a rule that when I have my alone time that I needs to leave the house so I can avoid thinking about the dirty dishes/laundry pile/dusty shelves and just BE.

How do you guys deal with ignoring your to-do lists on occasion? 

love & cupcakes, 

right this very moment...

~ I'm enjoying a bit of "mommy time" and thinking about making some hot tea...

~ I should be finishing up the laundry....

~ I'm finally clearing all the hundreds of photos off of my phone [mostly of Scarlett] so I can fill it up again!

~ I'm thinking I should start going through the fabric in my craft room so I can get stitching again!

What are you up to right this very moment?

love & cupcakes, 

happy [post] hearts day!

Valentine's Day came and went around here in a flash!

We had a small little celebration, just the three of us. We stopped for a quick dinner on the way home from work [I never in a million years thought that I would end up at a Denny's Express on Valentine's Day, but it was super nice...] and we grabbed an ice cream at Coldstone afterwards for the rest of the drive home... 

Nick sent me some beautiful flowers at work... 

I made some yummy cupcakes for the office...

I continued in the tradition of getting Nick a black valentine each year...

Scarlett brought home a ton of goodies from daycare! 

She even got her first Valentine's mailbox! 
[Mommy may or may not have helped to decorate it.]

We had planned on going out this weekend and having a romantic Valentine's Day make up day, but plans fell through and we didn't end up getting any alone time. Oh well. We spent the weekend with baby girl and had a blast anyway. And now I have an extra date night in my pocket for when I really need one!

Hope your Love Day was awesome... 

love & cupcakes, 


it's almost here!

Valentines Day is tomorrow!!!

Who's ready??

Not this girl! 

I'm rushing home tonight after work to frost cupcakes for me to bring to the office tomorrow and making a huge batch of fudge brownies for the husband to take to work tomorrow as well as finishing up all my valentine goodies! 

So much to do - so little time!

love & cupcakes, 


rain, rain....

It's finally feeling a *smidge* like winter around here - it's raining! Or at least, it was raining... 
Hopefully it starts up again because the little sprinkling we're getting right now doesn't really count. 

I need my winter! 

love & cupcakes, 



I got some really pretty flowers... Just because.
Such a nice surprise.

love & cupcakes, 

date night...

We don't get many chances for alone time with little miss Scarlett around so when a chance presents itself - we jump at it!
One such occasion came up recently so the mister and I went out and had  dinner [with no highchairs in sight!] and then treated ourselves to an ice cream dessert.
Such a nice change of pace, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss baby girl like crazy... <3

love & cupcakes, 


vintage valentines

I love adorable vintage valentine designs...
Here are some super cute ones that I came across earlier today. Enjoy!


So cute!

love & cupcakes, 
elissa <3


love love...

It's officially February! My favorite month of the year [and not just because it's my birthday month!]. 

With the arrival of February, I get all excited for Valentines Day and all the loveliness that comes with it. Like all the yummy candy and chocolates, all the red and pink decorations popping up everywhere, and of course all of the super amazing a cute Valentines! 

Here are some of my current pins on Pinterest for a very Happy Hearts Day indeed. <3

Feeling inspired and full of love yet???

love & cupcakes, 
elissa <3