well, hello there!

It's been quite a busy time around these parts lately. Our little one turned a whole year old on December 8th and had her very first birthday party! She had a blast and loved her first taste of birthday cake! 

We also hosted our very first Thanksgiving dinner at our house and may or may not have actually cooked a turkey and a ham... But dinner was enjoyed by all and only a slight food fight broke out [as is the tradition in our family], so all was well. 

We trimmed our Christmas tree and Scarlett discovered her immense love of little lights - she points to them now whenever we're outside and she manages to spot some. 

we took Scarlett to Disneyland last week for her first time! 
She loved it! 
I'm going to have to give Disneyland it's own post on here so it can get the attention is deserves... 

love & cupcakes, 
elissa <3

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