playing catch up...

I admit it. 

I'm a terrible blogger. 

And I really don't mean to be... I've got things floating around inside of my head that I really want to blog about and I have project ideas and baking that needs to be documented... 

You'd think with me being home as much as I have been these past few months I'd have blog entries coming out of my ears! However, with this adorable little face hogging all of my attention - 

- it's a lot harder to tear myself away from my bed and do anything creative. 

So I've decided that although I'm still taking a picture each day [I'm at over 600 already...!] I don't need to blog each one of them for everyday this year.... 
Maybe just a few here and there. 

I'm cutting myself a little "new mom" slack. 
Believe me, it's much needed. ♥

love & cupcakes, 

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