another year down...

We celebrated my 31st birthday this past weekend... I can't believe that I'm already 31 years old... I remember when my mom turned 30... And now here I am!

Nick, baby girl and I went to Walnut Creek to check out the San Francisco Ice Creamery and chow down on crazy amounts of ice cream.... 

So yum!

Then we went to Campbell and had dinner with the nearest and dearest at Buca di Beppo's - best food ever! We had a blast, even though our "reservation" was for 7.15pm and we didn't even get to a table until well after 8pm... 

I got the nicest gifts! 

And Scarlett fell in love with one of the millions of photos on the walls of the restaurant... I had to take a picture of her admiring it and one of the picture itself!

I had a super great birthday! ♥

love & cupcakes, 

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