road trip!

On Presidents Day weekend we went on our first real road trip as a family of three to Temecula so Scarlett could finally meet her other aunts, uncles and cousins. She was amazingly good the entire time... Such a good little traveler!

Strapped in and ready to roll!

The open road...

How baby girl spent the majority of the six hour drive.... ♥

Her first hotel stay!

The littlest Viking in Old Town Temecula... ♥

We had super fun and hope that next time we can stay longer than a weekend! 

love & cupcakes,

another year down...

We celebrated my 31st birthday this past weekend... I can't believe that I'm already 31 years old... I remember when my mom turned 30... And now here I am!

Nick, baby girl and I went to Walnut Creek to check out the San Francisco Ice Creamery and chow down on crazy amounts of ice cream.... 

So yum!

Then we went to Campbell and had dinner with the nearest and dearest at Buca di Beppo's - best food ever! We had a blast, even though our "reservation" was for 7.15pm and we didn't even get to a table until well after 8pm... 

I got the nicest gifts! 

And Scarlett fell in love with one of the millions of photos on the walls of the restaurant... I had to take a picture of her admiring it and one of the picture itself!

I had a super great birthday! ♥

love & cupcakes, 



Nick got me the Lalaloopsy doll that I wanted as a late Valentines present!

So cute!

love & cupcakes,


i love....

these palettes from Urban Decay!

They would make awesome birthday presents [hint, hint Nick!]...

love & cupcakes, 


red-y or not...

I've been feeling super nostalgic about my awesome red hair from a few years ago lately...
I think I should go back towards the "strawberry" side of the spectrum and less of the "red wine" side...

[Please excuse my ghetto "pictures of pictures" - I can't get our scanner to work!]

I'm thinking that it's time to go back... Even just a little bit.

 Plus, isn't his red beard the cutest?!?!

love & cupcakes, 

candy stash!

Katie just blogged about her bread box turned candy box and asked what's in our stash? 
Our house is overflowing with candy! All the time!

Here are just a few of our many many MANY candy stashes throughout the house...

 Our dining room table, currently stocked with Valentines Day goodies...
 The Smarties gumball machine that Nick found for the house...
 Our array of chocolate in the kitchen... 
[including our collection of wine and champagne corks - you can't have chocolate all by itself!]
 Laffy Taffy and SweeTarts jars in the Great Hall...
 Dark chocolate peanut butter cups from 
Trader Joe's [our new obsession!] that my brother picked up for us yesterday... 
These five jugs should hopefully last us a few weeks... =]
Canisters in the pantry full of mini candy treats, gumballs, lollipops and a box of 
yummy See's chocolate peeking over the right side...

And this isn't including any of the other candy in the pantry 
or the array of toppings and sprinkles that I use for cupcakes... 

We're kind of a fat kid's dream over here...

love & cupcakes, 

early birthday present!

Yesterday my mom got me this: 
as an early birthday present! 
I'm so excited to make some cupcakes and try it out! ♥

love & cupcakes, 

birthday wishlist...

I have 9 days left until I turn 31 years old.... Wow. 

And I'm dreaming of a few lovely things... [just in case anyone was wondering.]

a Starlette crown from Giant Dwarf
a new tattoo!

more photo albums to house my ever expanding collection of Scarlett pictures

a Red Velvet thought bubble chalkboard

a big Lalaloopsy doll!

 a fun road trip [which we're actually taking to Temecula to finally introduce miss Scarlett to her aunts, uncles and cousins!]. I can't wait!

love & cupcakes, 



Happy hearts day!

It's my favorite day of the year and I hope you're having an amazing one...

love & cupcakes,


book report

Well, not really...

But I did finish another book on my list of books to read before 2012. 

I just read Shrimp by Rachel Cohn. It's the sequel to the book Gingerbread that I read a little while back. It took me forever to finish this one, though. I just couldn't get as into it as I could the first one. 

There's one more book in the series called Cupcake, but I'm going to read some other stuff first so I can hopefully get as absorbed in that one when I finally do read it as I did with the first one.

love & cupcakes, 

going for a stroll...

love & cupcakes, 


I can't believe that baby girl is already over nine weeks old! 
My mind is officially blown!

*seven weeks*

*eight weeks*

*nine weeks*

She's getting too big for her bassinet already so we've had to start 
taking her weekly pictures in her big girl crib! 

love & cupcakes, 

playing catch up...

I admit it. 

I'm a terrible blogger. 

And I really don't mean to be... I've got things floating around inside of my head that I really want to blog about and I have project ideas and baking that needs to be documented... 

You'd think with me being home as much as I have been these past few months I'd have blog entries coming out of my ears! However, with this adorable little face hogging all of my attention - 

- it's a lot harder to tear myself away from my bed and do anything creative. 

So I've decided that although I'm still taking a picture each day [I'm at over 600 already...!] I don't need to blog each one of them for everyday this year.... 
Maybe just a few here and there. 

I'm cutting myself a little "new mom" slack. 
Believe me, it's much needed. ♥

love & cupcakes,