candyland christmas?

Not so much....

Remember this little post from a while back? We were planning on having the rockin-est sweetest Candyland Christmas ever this year - and then we found out that we were going to be welcoming a little one just before Christmas and the rest of the holidays this year have been a jumbled mess. 

We still haven't decorated the Christmas tree [although it is assembled and has lights - even though the lights are attached to it permanently] and our Halloween decorations didn't go up until October 30th [when we usually have them ready to go in the summer]. So it looks as though our Candyland Christmas wishes may have to wait until next year to come true... But I'm thinking it may be a super cute first birthday party theme for Miss Scarlett...! ♥

How's your holiday decorating coming along???

love & cupcakes, 

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Cindy said...

I think a Candyland Christmas for 2011 sounds fantastic!