baking with isabelle...

The other day my mom and I spent the afternoon baking cookies with Miss Isabelle - it was quite an adventure in sugar and chocolate... 

We were going to make gingerbread [Isabelle's favorite], sugar [her Uncle Nick's favorite], snickerdoodle [my favorite] and peanut butter [Grandma's favorite] but after only two batches we were so sugared out, we decided to stop and save the sugar and snickerdoodle for another day. 

Photos - in no particular order... ♥
Isabelle getting the gingerbread dough ready for forming cookies.

Isabelle wanted to add chocolate "buttons" to the gingerbread cookies.

Ready for the oven!

Putting the "buttons" on!

Peanut butter thumbprint cookies...

The official cookie taster. ♥

She's amazing at her job... =]

Gingerbread cookies - ready to be scarfed!

Isabelle tried to make a gingerbread snowman, but it ended up more like a gingerbread blob of sugar and chocolate... Still super yummy though!

Happy baking!

love &cupcakes, 

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