to do...

I have so much that still needs to get done before this little one arrives...
I figure if I post my list up here for all of you to see, I'll have to at least get some of it done.... 
Some. =]

  • Decide on a paint color for the baby's room
We're leaning towards a pale yellow for the walls and some shade of blue for the ceiling.
[Maybe the "Yellow Freeze" shade]
  • Actually paint the baby's room!
  • Finish washing and sorting all the baby clothes 
  • Clean the entire house - top to bottom!
  • Stop eating these freaking chocolate creme Oreos!

  • Get Christmas gift ideas finalized and prepped
  • Organize my craft room so I can get crafty while out on maternity leave
  • Finally put up Halloween decorations!
  • Finish prepping for the Second Annual Huggett House Halloween Spooktacular
So much to do and so little time.... 

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